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V-String adjustable


This new FemLine V-String is the perfect addition to our “individually made” silicone vagina string, as this one has got an adjustable belt and you can adjust it to your body as needed.
Made of medical grade silicone and perfect replica of the labium, certainly a product that is needed to create the perfect female look at the lower part of your body. 

UGS : Specialtrade_1015 Catégories : ,


The string has got an inside moulded in cache which allows you to store your genitals in a comfortable way.
The lenght of the straps can be adjusted, so it will always sit against your body safe and secure. 
On the one hand the material feels soft and warm, but otherwise it is strong enough to hide away the genitals and create a nice looking mons veneris. 
The inner lining is completely made of cotton. The vagina is penetrable and if you do use the catheter ring, you can leave it on while going to the bathroom. 
upper width: 22 cm
total length: 24.5 cm
heights of vagina: 3 cm
weight: 0.5 kg


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