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V-Slip with buttocks


FemLine V-Slip with moulded in buttocks.

This V-Slip is an all-rounder! Not only that he performs a perfect vagina, he additionally creates a well-rounded bum due to his moulded in buttocks. 
So you only need one panty to create the ideal female lower part of the body. 

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The vagina and the vulvar looks very natural. The vagina is penetrable, but be a bit careful. 
The butt is upholstered with silicone and this creates another 2 cm in heights to achieve a well-rounded butt. So no other item is neccessary to achieve all at once.
The sides of the panty are with lacing, so you can adapt it perfectly to your body.
The width of the butt is 38 cm and the total weight is app. 1 kg.


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