Stay Dry Sweat Barrier Spray


Stop perspiration from building up behind your breast forms!
Say good-by to slick breast forms sliding aroung in your bra. Stay-Dry is a sweat barrier spray tha was designed to hepl keep your skin dry when wearing your breast forms.
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The clear, fragance-free formula helps to minimize perspiration behind the forms and underneath adhesive to help keep your forms in place, no matter who long you wear them.

It is ideal for helping to go braless with any breast form, since the formula becomes tacky when dry. So it builds up additional hold with your adhesive.

You can even wear Stay Dry beneath wigs, or under your make-up to help slow sweat from building up. It is a perfect all-in-one product. Simply spra the area you whish to stay dry and let the spray dry before you apply your adhesives, breast forms, make-up or wigs.

Content: 120 ml / 4 oz.


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