Real hair wig Trinity, chocolate mix


A real sparkler is this more than nice wig, made of real hair. Any wig made of real hair looks much more natural than artificial hair and stays much longer alive if you do treat it correctly. So certainly a purchase that will last you for years! 
The shoulder-lenght cut is a classical one and will surely be “en vogue” next year as well. 


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Certainly you can coif it in many, many ways – just as you like and feel. Get some curls in, keep it straight, bound it to a loose braid – anything is possible. Even changing colour is not a problem at all, but we do recommend that you get a hairdresser to do it for you, if you want to. 
Lace Front: This is a special way of treating the hair line in such way, that no matter how you handle it, nobody will ever note it is a wig. The hair line looks like “naturally grown”! Just perfect! 
  • handmade net lace
  • mono-filament at the top crown
  • lace front – looks like naturally grown hair
  • special adhesion-effects
  • made of remy-hair (real hair)  

This way you have quality time to enjoy your top quality pure wig!

Your new human hair is a quality product. In order to subtain the natural, silky feeling and lustre of the human hair. It will benefit from special treatment, which differs from the usual hair care. We would recommend if you decide to care for your wig yourself please follow our care instructions.
Please do not use standard hair care products which are available in commercial stores. The structure of the fiber can be permanently damaged when these products are used and consequently the longevity can not be guarenteed.

Care instructions

We recommend that the hair is gently combed before washing (always start at the tips and work your way up to the hairline). Use a special metal wig comb to comb through your wig. Do not use commercial brushes or sharp combs.
Pre-wash the hair under cold water letting the water flow in the same direction as the hair. Spread a dash of Pure Care Shampoo on the palm of your hands and evenly work into the hair from base to tips. Do not rub or massage the fibre.
Soak for 10-15 minutes and then remove from the solution and rinse thoroughly. After washing we recommend subsequent treatment with Pure Care Balsam. Please repeat the above steps and again rinse thoroughly.
Gently wipe off excess water and dab with a towel. For styling and daily care we recommend regular treatment with Pure Care Repair. It smoothes the hair structure and makes long hair easier to comb. Use a special metal wig comb (with rounded ends) to comb through your wig.
Place the wig on a suitable wig stand or allow to dry naturally on a towel. You can also use a hair dryer on medium heat.
To protect hair tips against split ends we offer an intensive treatment with Hair Tip Liquid. It repairs and regenerates hair tips and gives vitality and moisture.
Please avoid excessive pulling or streching around the lacefront.

If you treat your wig following our recommendations you will have a long term enjoyment in wearing it.



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