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Primal Attraction Jiggle – FSoG “Darker” Butt Plug


Matériau:-100% Silicone,Couleur:-Navy Blue,Waterproof:-Waterproof

UGS : Rimba_5060462633128 Catégorie :


“I can do this. He takes me to these dark places, places I didn’t know existed, and together we fill them with blinding light.”
Add pleasurable internal intensity to each slightest movement with the Primal Attraction jiggle butt plug. Sleek and tapered for smooth insertion, the internal steel ball bounces and knocks with your body’s motions for all-consuming stimulation.
Designed for women and men, wear for out-of-bed activities to accentuate the effect of the pleasuring jiggle and boost arousal before playtime.
• Tapered bulb inserts smoothly and ensures complete comfort during wear. Graduated flare offers a gentle fullness• Free-roaming internal steel ball reacts to your body’s movements to add titillating jiggling stimulation• Smooth, dark navy silicone• Designed for men and women• 100% waterproof• Comes with a satin storage bag• Logo etched on the T-bar base