Perfect, strong shaping corsage / waist cincher


Waist cinchers are mainly used to shape your waistline and your hiparea. Using such a cincher means, you will see yourself with a perfect waist within seconds.
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It works so well, as there are 5 crosswise running strong and elastic belts are moulded into this corsage. So the belly will be supported and looks much flatter and hips and waist are shaped in a perfect female form. The corsage is closed on the forefront with hook and eye. This has the advantage, that you can do it on your own and do not need external help, as it is often neccessary while putting on corsages.
This waist cincher is of high-level quality and beside of looking fantastic, it does have as well an excellent functionality – “best you can get”.
If you do normally wear a push-up panty with silicone inlays, this cincher offers a further advantage. As it fits so tight, your panty cannot slip away anymore, and no matter what you do: It stays in right place and perfect condition.
In addition there are 4 adjustable, solid metal-clips suspended, which allow you to fasten your hold-up stockings or your nylons. They are removable, so that you can wear a normal pair of tights as well.
The correct size to order is best determined from your waist size. If you do not know exactly, have a look into a pair of jeans that fits well – the first figure you see i.e. 32″ is your waist size and this should be the size you do need to go for. If you are in between two sizes, select the smaller one to make sure you use the shapening force of the corsage in full.

S = 28
M = 30
L = 32
XL = 34
Material: 70 % Nylon, 30 % Invista Lycra (Spandex)
certainly machine-washable


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