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Partner – Multifun 2


Matériau:-Silicone,Taille:-13 x 6.8 cm,Couleur:-Rose,Waterproof:-Waterproof,Power:-Rechargeable,Poids:-0.150

UGS : Rimba_4049369016402 Catégorie :


The ergonomic U-shape of the Multifun for example, is highly suitable for use as a massaging scrotum ring – the two feelers softly wrap around the man’s shaft and testicles, pleasuring them with deep vibrations. When this is taking place, the body can be placed underneath of the penis, in order for the powerful vibrations that are generated by the third motor, can be stimulate the perineum – the Multifun can also be worn the other way up for just as much fun.

Multifun can be used as partner vibrators during love making, but they can also provide men or women with some sensual hours spent alone.

Those that wish to include the Multifun in their foreplay session, can for example use a feeler to tenderly massage their own nipples, or those of their partner. The different vibration programmes are excellent for any kind of play and preferences.

Fun for singles and partners
Body-friendly silicone
3 High-powered motors
100 Vibration combinations