Padded Panties & Waist Slimmer Corset


Every woman is always looking for a hot and sexy body, but sometimes nature is not that nice to us…

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Now we can help a bit to achieve perfect forms while wearing this waist cincher corset which helps to control your belly, love handles and back rolls – they disappear instantly under the high waist girdle. And secondly the built-in butt pads will give you a rounded butt (the butt padding adds about 2″ of boost)

So just one “little help” in form of this girdle and you do achieve a wonderful body within minutes.

Colour: beige

sizes: L, XL and XXL

handwash or dry clean please

Size    Waist Hips  
L        28-32 38-41 
XL     30-34 40-44 
XXL  32-36 39-47


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