Most biggest silicone breast forms


Made from very high quality silicone and surrounded by a high resistant outer PU skin that is 4 times as thick as regular breast forms normally have. Due to this facts they maintain it`s shape and integrity under it`s own weight without any problem. So they are extremely long-lasting and even to sleep with them is no problem at all!

UGS : Specialtrade_510 Catégories : ,


They have a matte finish, they are supersoft and have wonderful realistic nipples. They are big and bouncy and move sensually with every step you make. 
The backside is slight concave, but even so you do not need any pads or fillers to wear them with the most wonderful shape you’ve ever seen.
They come in a special storage box where you can keep them if not needed to guarantee a long life.
The total weight of these breast forms is 10.2 lbs / 4.600 g p.pair, this means unblievable 5.1 lbs / 2.300 g each breast!
Length (backside) 8,7″=22cm width (backside) is 7,3″=18,5cm and the height is 6,7″=17cm.
If you push it up with a bra, you can achieve more than 8″=20cm in total !!
I’m convinced : You will love this marvelous boobs!


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