Mister B Leather Face Muzzle Harness


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This kinky Mister B Leather Face Muzzle Harness is a new variation on our classic face harness. This headgear gets you right in the mood as soon as you buckle it up.

Made with 2mm, premium stitched, black, saddle leather, this adjustable piece can fit almost any head, plus has a removable muzzle for the option of an accessible mouth hole. The D-ring on top will help your master control your every move.

You’ll be the kinkiest one at the fetish party with this mask on. Looking like you are out of the film Mad Max, you’ll definitely make a great impression in any play session. You can keep your mouth hole covered with this added muzzle, or keep it off for other play options.

This high-quality face harness is great for play, with a snap-able muzzle to make the mouth hole available when you like, or unavailable when you keep it covered. The versatility of this kinky headgear will bring a good time to anyone who wears it.

There are 6 buckle straps, with 5 holes in each strap, providing dozens of size configurations. Classic face harness aesthetic, this gear works with almost any fetish look. Leather is a natural product and it is very stiff at first, but after a few sweaty wears, it will take on the perfect shape for your head, making it a very comfortable headgear that you will wear again and again.

Care for this piece is simple. Just wipe with a damp cloth when dirty, and a dry one to remove any water. This product should last for many years of play, so in order to maintain it best, we recommend annual treatment with Mister B Leather Cream, to keep it in its best condition.
One size fits all.