Mister B Double Faced Rubber Hood


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Zip it! Close that face behind the second layer of rubber, completely closing them off from the outside world. The Mister B Double Faced Rubber Hood lets you decide when they can see, smell and taste the outside world. This hood covers the head of your sub in total bliss with two layers of rubber. The bottom layer of this hood has holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth. The second layer is attached from the back and can be zipped along the front of it to completely enclose your sub’s head. The back of the hood zips up from top to bottom in order to tighten it perfectly around the shape of the head. As rubber does, this hood will give and stretch. You have the option to keep them under your power and control until you open the zip, making this the perfect addition to your bondage kit.

This product has so many possibilities!

Sizes based on the circumference of the head:

XS = 52 cm
S = 54 cm
M = 56 cm
L = 58 cm
XL = 60 cm
XXL = 62 cm