Latex Vee String


Who wants to stay free in his decision what kind of underwear he wants to use, will find the perfect solution by using the Latex-Vagina-String, as you can wear any kind of panty you like.

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It’s a lifelike replica of the vagina, where the male genitals will be completely enclosed, and therefore are not visible at all.

The string is hand made and wrought of 12 layers of Latex – it is very soft and comfortable to wear. The vagina has already got an opening that can be used for the sexual act.

As the opening is already moulded in while manufacturing, the risk it will crack is very unlikely, if it is handled as described.

Deep seated, nude-colored cords are at the side, as well as above, and the string can easily be fixed at your waist while you impose the vagina over your genitals. The string can be used for any size, as it is adjustable.

You can wear it all day long if you want to, and it will give you the feeling of having a natural vagina. If you want to do that, we recommend you use a panty-liner which you glue on the cort- starting at the vagina throughout to the tailbone.

This will give you a secure feeling and keeps all nice and clean.
The penis can either be worn “bottom-up” method, or “bottom-down” method. Both versions offer enough space for all that need to be hidden. In case you wear it “bottom-up” the string creates automatically an authentic  mons. In case you wear it “bottom-down” it is possible to use the toilette without problems.

To clean the string, please only use hand warm water, neutral soap or shower gel . Please do not use any other cleaning agents, as this may affect the latex! To clean the inside part, you can as well use a soft nail-brush. Please do not suspend the string to direct sunlight, as this can cause discoloration.

If you follow those instructions, it is ever so easy to have a perfect vagina.

You will be excited about this Latex-Vagina-String !


Our Latex Vee String will bring you unforgetable hours …

Please note: due to protection of minors we are not allowed to show any photos containing youth endangering contents.
If you do confirm, that you are at least 18 years old, you can click here and we can send you further photos of our V-String.
For sanitary reasons, we regret that we are unable to accept lingerie and undergarments for return. This policy is standard with all vendors of lingerie and undergarments.


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