Gvibe 2 Anatomical Massager


Matériau:-Silicone & ABS Plastic,Taille:-Ø 3.5 x 18 cm,Couleur:-Framboise,Waterproof:-Waterproof,Power:-Rechargeable,Poids:-0.536

UGS : Rimba_5060320510110 Catégorie :


Gvibe² has now 100% extra power as it boasts 3 powerful motors – 2 in the tips and 1 in the shaft. The smart thing is that extra power does not require more charge – the time of operation remains as long as before – 4 hours on one battery. With the Gvibe² tips location change, now it becomes perfect to be used by men for prostate massage. Now Gvibe² is not only a beautiful and anatomical vibrator, but also a medical one. Women will enjoy its 3 motors and 6 new vibration modes which will excite them right away.