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Gaff Panty


Great new gaff! The Hide-Away Gaff is our new pocketed, adjustable panty gaff for ultimate smoothness and femininity. 
This unique gaff can be worn alone or under any panty.

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It helps to flatten the body where needed. Made with comfortable stretch material the gaff fits smoothly and nuggly against the body.

It has a front panel which is actually a “pocket” where you can tuck your “goods” inside then flattens the panel by adjusting a strap that is attached from the pocket to the waistband. 
The strap is similar to a bra-strap, that allows it to be tightened or shortened to get the most control and smoothness from the gaff.

Available sizes are:

xS (24-26)
S   (28-30)
M  (32-34)
L   (36-38)
XL (40-42)
xS (32-34)
S  (36-38)
M  (40-42)
L   (44-46)
XL (48-50)


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