FemLine Trans-Torso – upper part of the body


The new half-torso is the perfect way of achieving a female upper part – not much time and effort, no extra glue, no further resources needed.
Just slip into the FemLine Trans-Torso as if you are about to put on a shirt and within 1 minute you achieve a perfect female upper body. 


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False breasts are already moulded in and move in a very natural way. Even if you touch them, you will not note they are falsies. 
The heights of the breast forms is 13.5 cm – this means you do achieve a quite reasonable large bust.

Which cup size it will be at the end, depends on your own personal measurements. If you do want to know what it will be on you, let us have the following details and we can tell you: 
Due to the cording on both sides of the torso, it will fit to every body and stays flat against it. So you can certainly wear as well tight clothes and it will not be visible. 
The inside is completely lined with cotton, that even if it’s warm outside it is no agony to wear it
The neckline can be formed individually. If you do prefer a deeper neckline, or love to have a v-neck, you can carefully cut it with a sharp box cutter. But we do have to point out that we cannot take over any risk if you want to do so. So this is always your decision but we cannot be held responsible for any damages.
It’s a “one-fits-all-size” as it is very expandable and adjustable by the lacing.
The total weight is 2,7 kg.


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