FemLine – Mix, special adhesive


FemLine-Mix is a two part glue to temporarily adhere FemLine-Pads directly to human skin. FemLine-Pads will bend and flex and will stay put until you take them off!

UGS : Specialtrade_5001 Catégorie :


Powdered makeup can be mixed into FemLine-Mix and used to blend FemLine-Pads to the body. The proper mix ratio is 1 Part “A” + a small desired amount of powdered makeup + 1 Part “B” by volume. You can mix powder makeup in the “A” side making it match your skin tone. Then mix in the “B” side. This makes a special effects make-up / glue. To remove FemLine-Mix slowly peel the pads away from the skin and slowly peel FemLine-Mix off the pads.
FemLine-Mix only should be used in dabs like little dots to hold the FemLine-Pads from sliding down.
Content: 2 x 2oz (2 x app. 55ml)
FemLine-Mix will last for about 6 months (if used about twice a week).


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