Breastform cup-size A-B


Molding the natural shape with these unique very high quality silicone inserts, our smallest breastform version. They are made of high quality material which does not only consist of silicone, but has got as well a polyurethan(PU)-film around.

UGS : Specialtrade_301 Catégories : ,


This prevents the breast of getting greasy and sticky. The maintanance is easy as well: Just use warm water and a mild soap to clean it as often as you want!

The nipples are only hinted, so you can wear them under narrow shirts and it will not look provocative.

Those are not adhesive and you wear them any day inside a bra, or even fix them with the silicone patches we do offer as well.
To clean them, only use mild soap and warm water – no other extras are necessary.

Each inlay version breastform can be washed and used more than a 100 of times.



Weight of one pair is 240g/0,5lbs., one breast is 120g/0,25lbs.


Length 5,1″/13cm, width 3,7″/9,5cm, height 1,5″/4cm based on the longest and broadest place in each case.


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