Very huge silicone boobs


Definitely very large, gigantic silicone boob forms – one of the most largest boobs, you will find at the moment. Due to several requests by our customers we developed them and get them produced to cover all the wishes so many came up with. This is the result!

SKU: Specialtrade_549


They do move like real boobs, they bounce and juggle and even if you lay down they keep the unblievable height – just fantastic.
The are made from high-quality silicone and do have a very longlasting and strong PU cover – so that they do not only look wonderful, but are very durable as well.
The backside of the boobs form is not concave but flat, and so you can achieve the unblievable total height of around 20 cm / 8″ in combination with your own breast.
The weight of the pair is 6000g / 14 lbs., which means you do have 3000g / 7 lbs. for each breast side!
Length: 25cm / 10” Width: 19,5cm / 7.7″ Height: 15cm / 6″


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