Prosthetic breast D+


These breasts are very protruded, so that you achieve an unbelievable breast-volume. Those prosthetic breast forms have got a higher protrusion in total than the other ones we do offer from that series, which means you can achieve a real large cleavage.

SKU: Specialtrade_150S


They are made of high quality silicone, do have a PU-cover-which prevents the boobs from getting greasy and sticky. They have got separate self-adhesive brown nipples.

They are treated with a very special glue, and therefore can be worn with, or without bra. The adhesive is really strong enough to keep them against your chest. When you think they should be cleaned, you can wash them with mild soap and warm water, and let them dry properly- after that the adhesive re-activates itself, and this works for a lot of times. The breast can be washed and used 100 of times. The adhesive regenerates itself instantly once dry after you clean them! This means no extra cost on special adhesives! If the adhesive power starts to get lost, you can renew it by using the renewal kit we do offer.

Please make sure, that you do not get in contact with cremes, oils or any lotions as this would destroy it. Please remove as well the hairs on your chest! ;-))

Those prosthetic breast forms are ideal for starters which do not want to spend a real large amount straight away, but do want to have boobs that look natural and grant the feeling of having own breasts.

The weight of one breast is 465g – pair is 930g / 2,1lbs.!

Length = 6,9″ / 17,5cm – Width = 5,5″ / 14cm – Height = 3,2″/ 8cm based on the longest and widest place in each case.


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